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a ramble around theworld


I finally made it to Bali and meet up with Leila and her cousin Romain.

We rent scooters, and rode our first meters in the busy crazy Kuta! We visited the silversmith factory in Celuk, bargained for silver rings, went to Sukawati market, bought batik sarong, got lost around Gyanyar, reached Padangbai and Candidassa where we had Gado Gado (yummy meal made out of spicy vegetables).

The next morning, back on our motorized horses we rode to unjung palace, water palace, through ricefield and forest. Bakso (noodle soup with meat balls) for lunch, followed by a bath in the clear water of Amed. We slept in Sidemen, and in the morning we took a walk through the ricefield...amazing. After our first baby guling, and the best one we had (its whole baby pork grilled with the skin....yummmy) we tried ourself at besakih temple, sarong and scarf on.

The ride to lake Batur was very refreshing, we lost 10 degrees in the mountains! Fortunatly we found hotsprings in the afternoon to reheat our little cold body. The road between lake Batur and Lovina was a never ending road, but really beautiful.

Our trip brought us to a dirt road going up hill during 1 or 2 hours to Munduk. We thought  we would never made  it to the top with our little scooters. Then we got lost in the Munduk forest around the falls, never ending steps:when you go down hill, somehow, at some point you have to go back uphill, and here, that was really really stip!but we survived, we found or way after 2 hours walking.

We visited the ulun danun brakan temple under an heavy fog. Fog that surrounded us all the way down to Mengwi: we though we were back in Britania, notre petite Bretagne!

Ubud, an oriental architecture build on an occidental schemes, a little Saint Tropez. We walk through the monkey forest, agressiv animals that stole us Oreo and naphtaline, they loved it! It was stinking naphtaline in all the forest...they also stole airplane kit with toothbrush and toothpaste to Leila.

On our way to Tanah Lot temple we were desesperetly looking for a baby guling, the famous golden pig standing on a plate we love so much!

We found a little paradise in Balangan. Under all the upper standard hotel, there is a little path going to the beach. No sign, you just have to know it is there. Few wooden made houses build on the beach. You can have a room for 100 000 idr per night. Go to the sunset café, they are the pionner on that beach, the food is awsome! It is a little surfer paradise.

Back in kuta, laundry service, sunset on the beach with Laura an diner with Gema.

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