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In fact....

I got a long long, very long night at Changi airport!

Let me explain you: i just flew from Bali and i was suppose to buy a transit ticket, not to be oblige to  pick up my bag, and check in again in Singapor.  It is 10.00pm, Tuesday, i just arrived in Singapor.

But...the woman at the counter explains me that i need a visa to go to vietnam... i knew that, but i thought i could get one on arrival...mistake!

I try to get an emmergency e-visa: it is ugely expensive, and i would have had  to wait for a letter from immigration wednesday 12.00 noon! No way i am going to spend 2 nights in this airport!

So... i go through immigration, try to explain my case to the custom, which is not easy! Because i dont know when i'll flight out of Singapor and where to! They let me in...

I pick up my bag,  the company i am flying with is closed, must be around 11.00pm. Anyway, i cannot change my flight destination of this ticket i already bought twice (yes, because i never received any mail confirmation from the airline!)

Finally, i decide to buy a ticket to Phnom Pen, Cambodia. I can get a visa on arrival...

I go to the check in counter to see is there is a way to get to the departure terminal where there is rest areas! It is 1.00am wednesday.

Like it is Singapor, they are very concerned with immigration, don't want that travelers come back to their origin port...the woman asks me for a proof:ticket to get out of cambodia: i am looking for buying an online bus ticket to exit Cambodia! Well, like it is a lucky night, i cannot book it from my tablet, who knows why! Must be around 2.30am when i can reach my dear Mum on skype: she books for me the the ticket! Hourra! I bring the confirmation  mail to the counter, must be around 3.00am.

The woman tells me that i have to wait for check in to open at 4.00am, what i do.

4.00am, i can "sleapily rush" to the rest area where i will make myself at home, on the floor with my sheet bag and my pillow...

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Hi girl ca va ? We got into different buses on arrival on manila never got the chance of saying farewell. ! Was pleasure meeting you, be safe ! Add me in fb if u like :) Peace!
Sure Dimitris! You can send me your contacts?
Et à quelle heure arriveras tu au Cambodge ...en bus !???