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a ramble around theworld


I arrived in Makassar around midnight and spend the night in a hotel nearby. As i couldnt sleep (cause of the jetlag) i joined the 2 local guys in the lobby that where chating. They were amazed to see me traveling alone, as it is not common to see a woman traveling alone in this country! Anyway, at 5.00am, call for the prier woke me up, sound i will have to get used to, this is a muslim country.

I will spend my first days in Makassar with Laura that hosted me in her hotel room, very nice hotel room with hot water and toilet paper! It was the fashion nights part of my trip. She brought me to restaurants, to popsa:kind of court food by the sse where young indonesians go to socialize. Went to listen to live music at the top of Aston hotel...slept until late in the morning...this period had to end somehow.

I moved to Ikhsan (met through couchsurfing too) he had a huge house a bit falling appart...he was a very kind person and very patient. He is trying to build up an english school for underclass children at his place where foreigner can come to teach as a volunter: if you feel to help, you can give him a hand! He brought me to the bus station and negociated my way to Bira in a kijang (kind of big car with 2 rows of seats at the back). And i was off to....surprise! After 5hours of drive (for 200km, the road condition not helping) i ended up in Bulukumba where the driver told me his brother was going to drive me to Bira. After this guy left i was stuck alone on the market place with noone speaking english. I had to call Iksan and give my phone to the supposed brother to understand i was going to leave when the car would be full... I finally arrived in Bira. The owner of the guesthouse was on his way to Makassar and suggest me to take the key on the board and check me in myself! What i did.

I spend 4  amazing days with people traveling off the roads; Luke, Simon, Caroline, Niek and Gema. The program: walk on the beach to some amazing wooden boat building area, snorkling in between hips of colorfull corals, slacklining on dreamland beaches, beers at sunset, and night sharing stories with all of you guys, thanks!

With Gema we decided to pursue our trip together to Sengkang. That began with an alarmclok set up for 4.30am, and followed by an 8 hours ride on a minibus with chiken on mostly dirt road...

At dusk we reach the river for a "pirogue tour"on the lake, these canoes are very unstable! The lake at sunset is stuning. The driver got lost in the dark on the way back, but we finally did it back to the shore! The hotel is...and i take a shower with black water. You might have hear me screaming that day! Back in Makassar with no less than a 5 hours drive, we hire a boat to get to an unhabited island...and go to the Batimunrung falls taking up to 3 differents 'pete pete'. Fortunatly, Gema speaks local otherwise we couldnt have done it! This is the end of holidays for Gema and i am going to Bali, so we are both off to Bali that day. But this is APEC day in Depensar, and we are stuck up to 9hours at Makassar airport waiting for Balis' airport to reopen!

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